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Combi-Line Stiftung Warentest - TEST WINNER

BURG-WÄCHTER are proud to announce the experts from “Stiftung Warentest” have chosen the Combi-Line CL-20E as their TEST WINNER.

Renowned independent German consumer organisation “Stiftung Warentest” has put 10 safes through vigorous safe cracking. BURG-WÄCHTER are proud to announce the experts have chosen the Combi-Line CL-20E as their test winner.

Scoring a total grade of 1.8 (on a scale from 1 - best to 6 - worst), better than any of the competitor safes, the CL 20 E comfortably won the test! The Combi-Line was subjected to some heavy equipment, yet the experts failed in their attempts to break into the safe. Results: the top grade “1.0” in resistance to breaking open. An excellent (grade 1.1) score was awarded for the protection against theft of the safe (tested with attached mounting material.)

Our safe was also the heaviest in the test with 55 kg. on the scales. Place it under your arm and run away? Impossible! The Combi-Line 20 E was the only safe in the test to offer certified fire resistance. Thanks to the LFS 30P class, important documents can withstand fire for up to 30 minutes (that applies to the complete Combi-Line range). Combi-Line CL 20 E offers an all-round safety package that impressed the experts.

New Key Safes

Key Safes

BURG-WÄCHTER has introduced secure storage of key and other valuables. Simple and central access for different groups of people (craftsmen, service, car rental, maintenance service, tourists etc.)

• 4-digit, resettable combination locking
• '0-0-0-0' auto stop aids opening in poor light
• Very strong zinc die-cast body

• Secure storage for keys and other valuables
• Easy and controlled access for workmen, car rental, care personnel, tourists etc
• For wall mounting indoors or protected outdoor areas

New 'No.99' Padlock

No. 99 Weather Resistant Padlock

Lock No. 99 has a double-bolted shackle made of stainless steel and locks reliably with a 4-digit resettable combination.

• 8mm Diameter Stainless Steel
• Resettable 4-Roll Dial Combination Padlock
• Solid Brass Body
• Shackle Double-Bolted

New 'Alutitan' Padlock

770 Alutitan - Solid Aluminium Body Padlock

• Solid aluminium body
• Double bolted shackle, hard as steel
• Rust resistant interior
• Lightweight and strong
• Also available keyed alike
• The ideal padlock for outdoor use

New '460 Yacht' Padlock

Seawater proof, absolutely rustproof

• ideal for securing lockers, cabinets etc on boats
• plastic coating protects sensitive surfaces
• solid brass body
• stainless steel shackle
• double bolted as from size 30mm
• solid quality
• rust-proof interior
• cylinder multi-protected against drilling

New 'Circle 21' Padlock

Circle 21 - Disc Padlock

The BURG-WÄCHTER disc padlocks are designed for extra protection against shackle cutting & tampering.

• Body made of stainless steel
• Shackle hardened and chrome plated