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Combi-Line Safe Overview

BURG-WÄCHTER Combi-Line Safes not only guarantee ideal security for burglary but also are tested and certified in fire protection.
A Combi-Line safe is convenient for the private household to keep valuables safe from burglary and fire.

The safety cabinet Combi-Line at a glance
  • Security level S 2 according to DIN EN 14450
  • Fire resistance grade LFS 30 P according to EN 15659 – 30 minutes fire protection for paper
  • Fire protective material according to DIN 4102
  • Security level B according to VDMA 24992, May 1995
  • Type tested and ECB•S/VdS monitored security
  • Composite insulation in front of the door leaf provides heat protection for lock and bolts
  • Tested and certified protection against burglary and fire
  • Double-walled construction
  • Internal hinge
  • Lateral locking through 25 mm diameter strong round bolts plus sliding bolt on the top
  • All-over gripping rail on the hinge side
  • Prepared for both wall and floor fixing, fixings included – extreme high breaking strength, 2 diagonally arranged drill holes on the back wall and 2 on the bottom
  • Colour: body grey, door light grey

Is your safe really safe?

This video is created by the The European Certification Body (ECB) to show people why not to buy cheap, uncertified safes

The European Certification Body (ECB) is a neutral certification body accredited to EN 45011. It issues ECB•S certificates for products of the security industry.

What's in the video?

  • How easy uncertified safes are easily hacked
  • Stress tests done to certified safes

Don't Buy a Cheap Safe

Informative video which outlines the risk of buying cheap and unsecure safes.

What's in the video?

  • Professionals hacking ordinary safes
  • Using ordinary tools to crack ordinary safes
  • Reasons why safes need to be bolted down

Another Reason Not to Buy a Cheap Safe

Continuing from the first video "Don't Buy a Cheap Safes."

Another informative video which outlines the risk of buying cheap and unsecure safes.

What's in the video?

  • Can you put a price for your valuables?
  • Why you need to consult professionals when buying safes
  • How BURG-WÄCHTER safe works. Cut-out look of a BURG-WÄCHTER safe mechanics and security
  • Certifications and Insurance coverage for Safes
  • Safe types (electronic security and mechanical
  • Certified Finger Scan Technology